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Dutch Scoliosis Center

Our goal is an optimal treatment for scoliosis patients

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the Dutch Scoliosis Center

The Dutch Scoliosis Center® was created with the point of view that a patient does not have to go to different locations to be treated for her or his scoliosis.

The current situation is that a patient first has to go to the hospital to see a specialist, then to a brace maker to fit a brace and finally, the patient has to find a physiotherapist himself to follow therapy.

In short, The Dutch Scoliosis Center® would like to be a treatment center where all these disciplines can be found under one roof and where children and parents feel at home.

An informal setting, but with the expertise of 2nd line professionals. With the aim: To become the Scoliosis Center of the Netherlands in terms of knowledge, effectiveness, research and satisfaction.


Dutch Scoliosis Center