Our method

Samen naar efficiënte en goede zorg

Collaboration, together towards efficient and good care.

Measuring, guidance, advice and aftercare

Optimizing scoliosis care in the Netherlands. We cannot do this alone, which is why, based on our vision, we work together with other organizations that pursue the same goal.

For medical support we have a collaboration with the UMCU & WKZ. They support us with knowledge and advice. We also look together at improving care, such as reducing the number of X-rays and early diagnosis. Do you already have a treated doctor or general practitioner? You can also refer them to us, we are happy to involve them in your care process.

Leuk Orthopedie has many years of experience in manufacturing various types of braces and orthoses. Leuk Orthopedie takes care of the measurements and minor adjustments for our brace, so together we keep your brace in top condition.


Personal Aftercare to clients have grown.

Personal Aftercare to clients have grown.

“Every person is unique. Not only in anatomy, but also in character and lifestyle. And of course in medical indication. This will become even more clear when you are fitted with a 3-D brace. Personal customization is then the only thing that really helps you. I'll help you with that. And no matter how much time or support you need, I'm here for you.”



The pursuit of improvement.

Conducting scientific research to contribute to improving the treatment of scoliosis patients. What young children are entitled to.