Proof of the Effectiveness of the Night Brace

Proof of the Effectiveness of the Night Brace
March 7, 2024

Proof of the Effectiveness of the Night Brace

Recently, a well-executed, randomized study on the effectiveness of a night brace for scoliosis was published by Charalampidis et al., from the group of Professor Gerdhem at Karolinska University and Uppsala University in Sweden. The study was conducted in 6 hospitals in Sweden and shows that wearing a night brace for scoliosis has a beneficial effect on the progression of the curve. In the group prescribed the night brace (average curve 30 degrees), the curve increased by less than 6 degrees in 76% of treated patients, compared to the control group without a brace, where this result was achieved in 53% of patients.

These results seem to support other recent studies evaluating the possibility of ‘Night Time Bracing’ as a good alternative to a full-time brace. At the moment, we are evaluating our own results, and once announcements can be made, we will share them via the website and possibly in published articles. Based on this article, we will continue our policy, in which the Dutch Scoliosis Center was the first to start using the Providence Night Time Brace in the Netherlands.

Nighttime Bracing or Exercise in Moderate-Grade Adolescent Idiopathic

Scoliosis A Randomized Clinical Trial
Anastasios Charalampidis, MD, PhD; Elias Diarbakerli, PhD; Marlene Dufvenberg,
MSc; Kourosh Jalalpour, MD; Acke Ohlin, MD, PhD; Anna Aspberg Ahl, MD; Hans
Möller, MD, PhD; Allan Abbott, PhD; Paul Gerdhem, MD, PhD; for the CONTRAIS
Study Group